LARS/LARC 2020 postponed to 2021

Considering the great health risks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Latin American Robotics Council has decided to postpone LARS/LARC 2020 to October, 2021. The venue for the event will stay the same as originally planned in Natal, Brazil.

There are many strong reasons to do this, some of them detailed below:

1) As long as we understood, most of the universities in our regions are working “online”, which does not allow the development/building of robots in labs. Also many scientific events are being postponed or moving to online modality. In fact, RobCup 2020 was postponed in 1 year.

2) It has been a common thought in several forums that events of 2020 should be postponed to next year, as there is still a lot of uncertainty on how and when life goes back to normal. International events are a particular challenge as many countries are experiencing different situations on Covid-19 with a distinct balance of epidemic periods.

3) We do understand the responsibilities related with contracts but we feel more concerned with the health of our students and visitors that participate in our event every year. And we should be able to convince authorities that postponement is the best option for all of us.
4) This Council has no jurisdiction over the national events, however, we decided not to authorize organizing LARC and LARS this year, and that there is no assurance that International flights get back to regular by the end of this year.

5) Although some countries can come back on a regular basis which would allow them to participate in the LARC/LARS, we must be aware that we cannot be sure that all Latin America will be free of the epidemic period in 2020.

Therefore, LARC and LARS are both canceled this year and must be postponed to October 2021.